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Rhonda DuBose

Winter Haven, FL

Please follow me!

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Rhonda DuBose status update. shared a prayer June 2018
I have two pressing concerns that I request prayer support for. The first in personal. I´m in a pivotal transitional place that I never thought I´d be in. I pray for God´s favor over my home seeking endeavor. I have learned that all families aren´t healthy or are they healthy for everyone in the family. I desire STILL my own family but it seems I have to completely separate from the one God birth me into to have the peace I desire. I pray for the wisdom and guidance of the Most High. I pray for an answer for good by the time I return from my upcoming trip.
Next I pray for the healing of this nation. I pray for the Hope of Christ to be birthed into the hearts of every believer as they serve God´s purpose through Christ. I pray that God will endow Every Leader in the Church of Christ around the World with His Truth and Integrity of The Scriptures. I pray The Mantle of Elijah would fall on the heads of the church so that the yoke of racism, religion and hate will be melted away from this continent, I call forth the Truth of the Living God to shower down on the United States of America and The Conviction of the Holy Spirit would Free Us from Evil. In Jesus´ Name, Amen.